Big Data Acquisition

Gathering large data sets across various project phases to optimize the performance of your assets. We recognize the importance of acquired data and the value data holds in daily decision-making. Our company believes the less unknown variables the better chances of success an investment has as we can better predict your outcomes.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze reservoir, drilling and completion data to minimize costs and reduce attributed risks. Big Data analytics has started a trend in the oil and gas industry. What we specialize in is drawing inferences and possibilities from variables. Through advanced analytics we can reduce your company’s costs and help you proceed into the next steps of your project.

Reserve Estimation

Economic evaluation with history matching and sensitivity analysis of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Production forecasts with CAPEX and OPEX estimates to aid you in placing a value on your assets. Optimal completion design criteria for unconventional reservoirs utilizing data analytical methodologies.

Project Management

Technical guidance in the planning and execution of design bidding teams worldwide. Serving as a liaison between investors and the oilfield to ensure proper due diligence of projects. Aiding in the technical aspects of offshore and onshore businesses to facilitate development of assets within various countries.

Asset Valuations

Valuation of offshore and onshore assets whether they are unconventional or vertical wells. Our team will value your current assets or perspective assets for investment opportunities.

Drilling & Production

Our drilling and production engineers can design well programs to prevent blowouts while allowing reliable formation evaluation. We recommend modifications to maximize your oil and gas recovery while maintaining economic viability.